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13 DECMBER, 2019

Another 100 plus photos from Valla added today. Thanks Billy.

Click the link below:



Eden Whale Festival report and Photos added. See the post on the right. A couple of tease photos, ‘Who broke down’.


29TH OCTOBER, 2019.

Photo’s from Jamberoo Car Show posted.


Been there done that, nice little friendly community event with probably 50 plus cars in attendance. I have put up some photos of the event, unfortunately not many Hot Rods in attendance.

15 October, 2019.

Dates for the Shoalhaven Street Rodders Campout Weekend at lake Tabourie and Club Christmas Party have been added.

Adding photos from this years event at Valla, courtesy of Bill Jansen. Photos found under ‘Hot Rod Photos’.

5th  October, 2019

KNOCK, KNOCK? Is there anybody out there?

Mmm, that doesn’t surprise me. The bloody Web Master has been very slack, nothing new on here since February, 2019. Damn disgraceful. No wonder everbody has abandoned ship.

Well, I’m back or at least trying to get motivated and get back into the swing of things. After all it is spring and it is hot rod Season.

So hold your breath and we’ll see what we can come up with.

So, we’ve had Kiama, we’ve had Wiaro Beach (John Watts memorial Run) and this weekend we’ve had ‘A country weekend’ at Temora.

Doesn’t the mention of all these great weekends wet your appetite and bring a smile to your face. I bet your all on the edge of your seats waiting for some great reports and great photo’s from all  3 of these runs.

Damn, now the bad news, I didn’t actually get to any of those weekends, so there are no reports and almost no photo’s.

Perhaps I can provide you with some compensation for my inadequacies by putting up some photo’s of a Show & Shine event I went to at Bomaderry Primary School Annual Fete!!!!!!  No hey, I suspected that the fete wouldn’t get you to excited.

How about some photo’s of our recent trip to the Baltic States and Russia? Ok, I won’t go there. Although there are a couple of  Hot Rod photo’s from our trip photo’s I’ll  put up for you. These were on display outside an American Bar in the city of Riga, Latvia and were the only modified vehicles we saw on out 28 day trip. I guess I can honestly say that Hot Rodding isn’t big in the Baltic States or Russia.

All right, I apologise and promise to try and do better in the future. But the best I can do at this time is put up a couple of photo’s that were sent to me last night from the award presenation at Temora, “A Country Weekend”.


Two top 5 trophy winners from our Shoalhaven Street Rodders at Temora:

Congratulations to Terry and Ronny for the awards. Not sure what car Ronny Dale had at Temora but I know Terry was taking his Fairlane.


Once again at Temora, the Shoalhaven Street Rodders took out the award for the Best represented club:


Other than that I have updated upcoming events, club events and club committee details.

But just as a reminder, the Eden Whale Festival is coming up on the weekend starting 1/11/19 (yes, I am going) and prior to that you have a Show and Shine at Wandandian on 20/10/19 and a Show and Shine at Jamberoo on 27/10/19. Jamberoo is a big event with over 500 cars (all classes and types) in attendance last year.


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